Hello there! I'm Igor.
A father of our boy Luka, a husband to my highschool love Irena. I am a full-time photographer since 2017., when I’ve quit my corporate job and started chasing the light. I love telling stories through my eyes and my camera as they happen.

Framing every moment in a memory is what I do, live and breathe.

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Every wedding is a different story. The wind, the light, the character of the two people madly in love on Their day - it all creates never-ending source of inspiration.

I want for you and your loved ones to feel comfortable with me around, so all of you can be natural and act as you are. Enjoy your experience to the fullest without having the feeling that you have to perform for someone else. I’m grateful and deeply honored to be able to ensure that you relive that day in 10, 20 or 50 years through photos I’ve taken.

No location is off my grid. You name it - I’ll be there.
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